Minor Home Improvements

Okay, so life with an almost two year old is SO busy. There are lots of posts that I have written in my head over the last 9 months, and some of them may be written yet. This week will be full of cleaning and prep for hosting 30-ish people for Gideon’s birthday on Saturday. Today though, I’ve got a relatively short post about my afternoon project.

A few years ago we remodeled our bathroom, and in that process we discovered a window that the previous owner had covered with a vinyl surround shower. We were thrilled for the extra ventilation, but have struggled a bit with how to cover the window to make it functional.

 We have tried frosted contact paper, but the humidity of the shower it was constantly curling and peeling. Curtains and blinds just didn’t seem realistic, so I started researching on Pinterest and found this fabulous idea! I got my lace from my local fabric option. I paid $2.50 for half a yard. The chevron pattern matches our bathroom decor. from there, I followed the instructions mixing 2 TBSP of cornstarch with 2 TBSP of cool water and then adding 1.5 cups of boiling water.IMG_1967

My lace is pretty thick so I decided to soak it in the cornstarch mixture.Then it was as simple as spreading the lace over the window and using the sponge brush to be sure there was enough of the starch to hold the lace.


I’m really happy with the result, and it was as quick and easy as the Pinterest post suggested. I also love that it will come off easily when we decide to move! I may update you all when we have an idea f how the cornstarch wil hold up to the shower spray. 

Stay tuned for posts related to our boy’s birthday, soon!

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